Entegra Power was an Independent Power Company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The Company's corporate lifecycle was concluded in December 2018, when its successful asset divestiture program was completed and capital returned to its syndicate of PE investors. Former employees, investors, and business partners may contact the former management team at the contact information provided on this website.

Entegra was formed in 2005 to own, operate and manage a portfolio of eight, natural gas fired, power generation facilities having the capability to produce 4.4GW of electric power.   These facilities included the Union Power Station in Arkansas and the Gila Power Station in Arizona.  Entegra also owned and operated the Trans-Union Pipeline, which is an interstate natural gas pipeline located in Arkansas and Louisiana.

From 2005 to 2018, Entegra Power focused on maximizing value for its investors through a combination of optimizing day to day operations and energy sales, securing long term power sales agreements, structuring attractive financings, and eventually harvesting value through asset sales.